Please Fix The Glitch On Downvotes


So far, I've come to love it here and I've been doing all I can to make my presence felt in the community, though not by commenting because I still have a limited knowledge about basketball (but I'm learning) however, curating has been my focus, and now, I'm always lurking to place a downvote on certain contents.

As early curators, I totally understand the fact that we'd upvote anything to maximize our rewards as though it never remains the same when more people join the game. However, it wouldn't be nice if we reward contents that have nothing to do with the whole idea of @dunksocial

I've noticed a few posts that have nothing to do with basketball and even though distributing of tokens is key at this initial stage, it doesn't mean we should reward undeserved publications.

That said, I also wish to have full control over my downvoting power and utilize it well. I downvoted two articles today and it ran as low as what you can see on the image above. It tends to have the same issue we encountered with the upvoting mechanism.

So @rob23, please have a look at that and make the necessary adjustments.

Right now @dunksocial doesn't have a discord server where I'd prefer to be reporting this issues, I can understand the reason why too. However, if you're on discord please drop your username so I can reach to you there next time.

Peace :)

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