Dunk Social Daily Marketing!

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Hey everyone

Just wanted to provide an update of what marketing efforts were made today to promote @dunksocial !!!

I just created an instagram account for Dunk Social and logically it is @dunksocial go and follow it if you get the chance!

It may not be that we recruit hundreds of people a day through Instagram, but we are slowly spreading our influence and if we are able to get 2-3 people per week to sign up for an account we will see exponential growth quickly!

It's like that crypto saying of "first slowly, then all at once". Things haven't gone smoothly for me over the last few days, but now I am motivated and focused on growing this platform as it is important to me for numerous reasons. I want to see a world where content creators have agency over their work in all fields; we are the bridge for one topic but can also be an example for every topic to come after us.

If you are here now and you are reading this, you are not only an early member of this platform, but an early member of a technological revolution that will change how we think about ourselves and the way that we conduct ourselves socially and financially during our lifetime.

Thank you for using this platform, I truly appreciate you all and am ready to take this thing to the MOON!


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