DTube IPFS full node contest results!

DTube IPFS full node contest results.png

DTube IPFS full node contest results!

If you don't know what this is about, see this post. Unfortunately, we only had 2 contestants. BUT a lot of people were interested in setting up a node. You will still get perks for operating an IPFS node even after the "official deadline."

The results

For 1st place:
Reward: 20 SBD
Storage: 100GB
Speed: Backs up videos off dtube in record time, has good IPFS connectivity;

For 2nd place:
Reward 15 SBD
Storage: 80GB (can be expanded)
Speed: Decent, however has issues with IPFS connectivity, which has since been solved!;

Both of these nodes are available (and can be used by anyone) in #community-backup at onelove dtube discord. you can still get extra perks for operating a node, come on down and chat with us! Once the mass storage system is operation (permanente cluster network), it will be a simple few click solution to add your node into the network. Playback for dtube network is stellar! Thank you all for being part of the DTube community! Thank you so much @theycallmedan for sponsoring this project, he has been a HUGE help in supporting DTube/decentralization and believes in the principals DTube stands for!

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