Mdfkr - The Premonist - I hate the daylight (Aether Opera Video "Od" force)

8 in the morning AND THE FUCKING SUN STARTS SHINING IN OCTOBER ... rain all night, the world is turning the wrong way today ... don't push-to-talk me , my middle finger answers every question today
normies, ojou-sama ... yea you know who, and now what regional "LEADERS" ? what ARE you people ? the military ?

This video is a plastic but pragmatic canvas of mans' power struggle between mind and matter. Only to find that one can't exist but with the other.

The Odic force (also called Od [õd], Odyle, Önd, Odes, Odylic, Odyllic, or Odems) is the name given in the mid-19th century to a hypothetical vital energy or life force by Baron Carl von Reichenbach. Von Reichenbach coined the name from that of the Norse god Odin in 1845.

Credits for the audio The Premonist of The Unordinaries.

Video Directed by Mdfkr
September, 9, 2011
All rights reserved

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