Ayocunle - composition played by Lucian Nagy & Balkumba Tribe in Arad - on 20th of June 2015

Looking back in Time it's nice to find some cool memories that happened during our Tribe tours.

Here's a glimpse of a tour that we had in the Past with our Tribe.

A composition played live at a festival in Arad

Tribe members were:

Lucian Nagy - Composer | Tenor Saxophone
Gabriel Rosati - Flugelhorn
Sebastian Spanache - Piano
Johann Berby - Bass
Csabi Pusztai - drums
Steve Brookfield - sound engineer

20th of June 2015 in Arad @ American Music Festival in Arad

Composed and arranged by Lucian Nagy. All copyrights reserved

PS: Wondering if @dtube is watching/listening my art/music creations :-)

Regards to you all steemians

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