A PALnet Steemwave Radio Special: Questions, Answers, and Chat to Help You Figure it All Out

Saturdays are for Steemwave! And this past one, we all got together to talk about what's up with PALnet. Here's the MSP Waves interactive social broadcast replay, just in case you missed it and wanted to join in the fun.

In my last post, I talked a bit about what it is I do on the air on MSP Waves. While I totally wanted my next post to be some rad visual content, yesterday's Steemwave Radio was lots of fun, and super informative! Many people weren't able to attend, and many of the audience members from the live stream asked if the recording could be released as a replay. Since we covered a lot of really useful PALnet knowledge and had a great time doing so, I'm happy to oblige. Here's a "too long, didn't watch" summary of what's in this week's episode, in case you don't want to listen to me clap a lot and giggle a bit and get made fun of the most:

How do I use the tag, the front end, and what kinds of things can I post?

The short answer is, almost exactly as you are now, and whatever you want! We want you to see a new side of the same Steem content, and to get you revved up about engaging and sharing and curating again. PALnet does not take beneficiaries, and you don't have to change anything about what you're doing now to try it out. Here's a handy link to the white paper to learn more about it all.

What kinds of numbers are we talking about? How is this different than Steem now? How is it the same? What are my votes worth?

In the first few weeks, voting is going to be all over the place, because every day, new people will claim their tokens, and then decide to stake, accumulate and hodl, DUMP EET... who knows! You get to start this new journey on a more level playing field, and what you decide to focus on is up to you. What this means is that while people make up their minds on this, the numbers are going to fluctuate. People will drop off after the excitement wears off... people will ramp up as they figure out how much they love it. In the mean time, the link to the white paper above will give you an idea of how the curation works, and this post right here will help you with the mathy math to really understand how your PALpower vote value is calculated.


No worries if you haven't claimed yet! The claimdrop goes on for a month. We're here to help you if you get stuck, on chain or in discord, or wherever we can. This post here is a really great one with lots of pictures to make it easier to figure out. If you were missed or you're just not sure, we're here to walk you through it one on one.

I do this every Saturday, with everything Steem, but since this last one was a bit special, it made sense to release the recording. Hopefully you enjoy it or it helps, in all of it's ridiculous glory. These shows are made by, and for, all of you 🖤

If you were there this week and have some feedback, or if you have thoughts on this episode, let me know! Here's a YouTube mirror, just in case. Otherwise, maybe I'll see you next week~

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