Steem Chess! Weekly Tournament for Fun and SBD - 12/30/17

Join us for our weekly steem chess tournament on organized by @schamangerbert. All levels are welcome and all players share an equal amount of the SBD generated on @schamangerbert's reminder posts!

In this video (my first attempt at a stream or online video of any kind) I share how to find and join the weekly Saturday Steem chess tournament as well as share my first round game.

Congratulations to this week's winner @secularsagacity as well as the 2017 season winner, @stayoutofherz!

See @schamangerbert's post here with a full tournament report and his video commentary as well!

Follow me for more videos and posts on chess, Hawaii and more! Also, be sure to follow @schamangerbert for updates on the weekly chess tournaments.

Thanks for watching and I look forward to seeing you in next week's tournament!

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