Adventure Every Day is moving from YouTube to DTube! And the Northern Lights to celebrate!

It's been just over 15 months now since @janoliverkoch and I brought the Adventure Every Day channel into existence. We originally thought we were just going to make it a YouTube channel, but I was lucky enough to learn about Steemit from a friend at the time who suggested that we post here as well.

Not knowing hardly anything about Steemit when we started, we figured we'd go primarily for YouTube but drop the videos on Steemit as well just to see what would happen.

After a slow start on YouTube, we basically decided to drop our plans for consistent weekly videos and more or less abandon it as an official project. We found that YouTube was a tough community to break into, and on top of that, there seem to be so many battles between creators and YT that make it a frustrating place unless you are part of the "in" crowd (and even they get irritated a lot...).

On the other hand, I found Steemit to be an incredibly welcoming community. I remember my very first post getting quickly commented by the likes of @future24 and @aksinya to welcome me to the community and even give some tips for success. That was really cool!

Even though many of my early posts made very little, I was still amazed that is was possible to make anything right away. This compared to YouTube, where even after going through the hassle of setting up AdSense and all that and posting for 15 months, I've still only accumulated a total of less than $2 in value there. Oh, and only 82 subscribers compared to 2300+ on Steemit.

So even though Adventure Every Day sadly never truly became an "Every Day" thing, Steemit inspired me to keep traveling, keep adventuring, and keep making videos. I never would have stuck with it otherwise.

SO THANK YOU STEEMIT!! It's been a pleasure to be here :)

I'm also excited to explore DTube more as an alternative for posting new videos. I've been dragging my feet on this, but I'm ready to move forward!

To celebrate, I'd like to post a video I made where I filmed the Northern Lights for the entire night from sunset to sunrise on my GoPro 4 in a tiny place called Øresvik, Norway. This happens to be my YouTube video that has garnered the most views on it's own - 1285. But I'm betting by posting here for the fantastic Steemit community that it could do even better than that. I'm excited to find out!

Hope you enjoy!

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