Ask a Witch Podcast Ep 1

Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast Ask a Witch! available exclusively on @dsound!

I've been practicing witchcraft for about 27 years, and thought I'd give people an opportunity to ask me anything they'd like (within reason - I reserve the right to completely ignore questions I consider icky or otherwise).

So please feel free to shout out with a query in the comment section below. If you're shy and want to ask anonymously, feel free to send me a DM on Discord.

As a bit of an enticement, if you ask me a question, I'll put it here (edited for brevity & clarity as needed), and add a link to one of your recent Steemit posts. If you've asked anonymously, or you'd rather not have a link here, I'll toss one in from another Steemian that I feel is lacking in love. 😊

If I get enough questions, I plan to make this a weekly thing, so, ask away!

Questions (edited down a bit) answered in today's episode:

@reverenderik asked:
I am curious about the connection between "being a witch" and Wicca. Can you talk about that?

One of his most recent posts - Shadows in the Dark: the Art of Memory

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@jaynie asked:
I have lots of questions!!! First one being, the lottery numbers please.

One of her most recent posts -PAYING IT FORWARD and CONQUERING FEARS!

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@amariespeaks asked:
I'd love to ask about cleansing - homes, cards, ourselves and how often? Also, what types of protection spells or crystals or other methods work best?

One of her most recent posts -Tarot Tuesdays! A General 5 card Spread for Jan 30 - Feb 6

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Thanks for listening!

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