Making your work visible

I do a bit of dry stone walling as a retirement interest. I've trained and got certified with help from my (not so) local DSWA branch in Dorset (I'm in the London area!). While the work we do in Dorset is voluntary I decided to see if I could earn a bit by going self-employed.

I'm listed on the DSWA website and I'm the only listing in Surrey! As a result I get enough work requests that I can turn down the ones that are just too big or too far from me and get a reasonable work/life balance - or at least one that suits me! I consider myself fortunate indeed. It's great to see something at the end of a job that should be there for decades.

I recently completed a three day repair on a wall about 30 miles away. It was paid for by insurance, fortunately for the client, but they now want me to look at doing some more work for them :-)

Here is a [link] ( to my latest blog post on this job.