Okay, it is quite exciting to see Dreemport and ecency working together. Thanks to @samsmith1971 for always helping me not miss out on exciting events like this. If you are lost as to what I am talking about, click here to read all about it! Now let’s begin

Have you ever been asked to talk about yourself and suddenly you go blank and can’t even remember your name! That’s exactly how I feel right now, I am here asking myself who I am. I think the easiest thing would be to start with the basic things about me.


My name is Blessing, a crochet addict and also a blogger thanks to hive. I've been on the blockchain for quite some time. It's been over a year now. I've loved my experience on hive so far so I planned on staying for a long while.

I've known about the ecency frontend and I've used it more than once. Quite frankly I don't know why I don't use it often because it's great, I even get points for heartbeat, how cool is that? Although one thing I don't like about the ecency frontend is that when posting to a community and I want my first tag to be something other than the community name, that post won't appear in the community. I guess that's why I find peakd easier to post with.

I don't think there are fun facts about me. I'm only fun when I'm making silly jokes with my friends. However, there are a few facts about me that might interest you. Let's start with the fact that I enjoy horror movies, I don't know but something about them keeps me hooked. I don't watch them so often so it doesn't mess with me but still, I don't shy away from them.


Another fact about me is that I am a very forgetful person. I tend to focus on only the major thing and if there's something that is not part of my daily routine, I will most likely forget to do it. That's why I'm the worst person to tell to remind you of anything, I can't even remind myself of the necessary things😂😂

Lastly, I can stay in my room for days/weeks without seeing another human or sunlight and I would be perfectly okay. That will be like a holiday for me, less human interaction makes me feel great. People get in my space when I'm outside and that's why my room is like my haven/happy place.

So there you have it, I've been able to say a few things about myself. I look forward to enjoying everything about this new Dreemport challenge

Thanks for stopping by❤

PS: All images are mine

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