Introduction to DreemPort


Hello world

If you don't know me by now, I go by NiftyPhill. You can also call me Nifty or just Phill as a lot of people around here do. I've been around on the Hive blockchain for quite some time. Before it was even called him. I remember using steemit way back in the early days.

I never really was consistent aside from a few random spells where I would consistently post for a few months. Anyway - a little over a year ago I decided to come back. This time I stayed and it has been the most rewarding experience ever.

One of the most memorable times I've had was meeting @dreemsteem at HiveFest. I immediately felt like we became best friends. She just has that effect on people I guess. She led me to her project @dreemport, and I recently started running the Comment of the Day program over there.

I was joining all of the challenges at one point but life got crazy and I stopped having much less free time. So this time I'm joining in my own true fashion within the last 30 minutes. So this is my introduction.


I also never write posts on mobile, but when I do... I use the ecency app. So some fun facts about me are.... I'm a pretty boring nerd. I spend too much time reading/writing about crypto and blockchain. I play video games. I'm a pretty hardcore nerd, especially for NFT technology.

I love music of all kinds, except country. I am the Technical Support Lead for LeoFinance, and I'm a writer on the @lbi-token content team. I leave creating relatable content that's enjoyable to consume and easy to understand.

Also this is my dog Blaise. He's a big boy.


I can't wait to see all of your introductions. Let's get social.

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