Cross Platform Curation Testing Expands — Want to Help?

Write anywhere, even your own blog.


How often have you gone through the cycle of joining a platform, struggling to build your network and then seeing your work buried by spammers, scammers and popularity cults?

Or the volume of posts is so high, the competition for attention so stiff that you feel buried and defeated?

Ever tried those groups on Facebook where you drop your post and are supposed to look at others posts in return? Didn’t take long to realize there was more link dropping than link reading going on.

I’ve seen it on multiple platforms. From the number of posts on Medium I see about how to grow your account, there are plenty of excellent writers on there who struggle with the same problem.

The problem really gets highlighted on a crypto earning platform where the larger account holders have the greatest influence on how much the smaller accounts earn. The larger accounts support each other and their growth, while smaller accounts struggle to even get a foothold.

It’s not really surprising to see the idea of a new platform dedicated to overcoming those issues come from the mind of a veteran of writing platforms where you earn crypto. @Dreemsteem has created @DreemPort as a port for people to connect, exchange, benefit and then go back home to their favourite writing platform.

The DreemPort Mission

The DreemPort site encourages networking across multiple writing platforms. Members will drive new viewers to their favourite platform and be introduced to earning crypto while curating.

Sounds like a dream and not reality? Guess again. It’s been in testing for a month by testers invited in. We’re ready to expand the testing pool to more people. It doesn’t matter where you write, if you are looking to get more readers, DreemPort can help.

This is probably the point I should give full disclosure here. I am part of the leadership team of DreemPort. We all want to see a system where our writing is judged fairly and given opportunity to expand its reach.

Below is a video giving an outline of DreemPort. It’s about 9 minutes long and well worth reviewing. Now would be a good time.

DreemPort is not going to try reinventing the wheel like so many other sites have done.

It’s not going try to give you a new home to publish your writing on. It will give writers, especially newbies the power to be seen rather than waiting in quiet desperation.

It will provide opportunity for you to discover new writers while others are discovering you. You can do this in just a few minutes a day.

The more writers who join from each platform, the more works from your favourite platform you’ll find. You’ll also get to find writers you’ve never met on other platforms. To find communities you didn’t know were available to you. To expand your awareness of where you can write and earn.

At the heart of DreemPort is curation.

Each post goes through three levels of review.

First by screeners to weed out inappropriate posts. Generally a PG-13 level post will get through. The screening is not about content, it’s how the content is presented.

Next multiple members of the Curation Guild will review and rank the post for quality. Finally, you as a member will also review and rank posts. The goal will be to see the member reviews align with the Curation Guild to move the post up and seen more.

Every member can submit links to their posts or the posts of writers they admire. One important detail to note. Neither the Core team nor the Curation Guild are allowed to submit links for review. Dreemsteem is working very hard to make sure the system is as fair as possible.

You will also have opportunity to earn a crypto token in addition to what ever earnings you have on your favourite platform. Not everyone is interested in earning crypto. That’s okay, you can still participate. Some are curious but really dreading the learning curve. Most of us involved in DreemPort learned about crypto as we were paid with it for our writing. We’re there to help you learn if you want to.

Interested in helping out the testing phase? Here’s the details.

  • We’re looking for consistent writers. You post about three times a week or more.
  • The time commitment is about 15–20 minutes each day or the time it takes you to read 5 posts.
  • We use Discord to meet and get to know each other. The team believes strongly in working together and sharing with each other.
  • The team meets about once a week. You’re encouraged to take part but if you miss the meeting, they are recorded for you to catch up.

Ready? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Download and install Discord.
  • Join the DreemPort discord server. Let us know you’re there to help with testing.
  • You’ll be setup with access to the testing channels and a login to the DreemPort testing site.
  • You login each day, read your five posts for curating. Rank them, submit a post to the system and fill out a brief survey.
  • That’s it, short and simple.

I’m ShadowsPub on Discord, and every where I write. Feel free to drop me a DM (direct message) to introduce yourself or ask questions. I’m not always active in the server but I’m rarely any further than a tag or DM.


  1. Header image from Pixabay and edited by me
  2. This post was originally posted on my account on Medium
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