It's The Hocus Pocus Time of Year

Halloween is a very popular night.

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Anyone who knows me, also knows, Halloween is not an event I get excited over. I’m aware a lot of people look forward to it. I was amazed a few years back to learn there is huge money spent at Halloween and it’s not just on candy for the kids. The big kids like their toys.

Recently I was playing around learning some more graphics on my iPad. I’ve really come to enjoy using Procreate for graphics. I’m not an artist although learning to draw is something I’m tinkering with and the iPad is a great tool for that. Learning how to manipulate graphics is an art in itself.

I’ve done a few coloring books using quotes and mandala backgrounds. I wanted to create a Christmas coloring book doing something a bit different. The quotes and the mandalas would be part of the images but I decided I’d like to add some other graphics into the mix.

I did some practice pieces using a Halloween theme and was happy with the result. The Christmas book is underway.

The practice pieces? Well, I’m giving them away as a gift to my Shadows News subscribers. Shadows News is a periodic newsletter I send out when I have coloring pages to give away or I’ve published new books.

I’ll add the link in a bit. First I thought you might enjoy seeing the pages being created. Another aspect of Procreate I’m coming to love is it capturing the time-lapsed videos of the process. Here’s the links to the videos. They are about a minute each.

Hocus Pocus Time to Focus

If You’ve Got It Haunt It

This Witch Can Be Bribed With Choc O Lat

Oh, I learned something with the YouTube Shorts.
One of the videos is 1 minute and 1 second long. It’s listed with the regular videos on my channel while the other two show up as Shorts. Appears if you want to produce Shorts, they need to be no more than one minute. Instagram wanted it shortened to 1 minute or less as well.

Would you like the pages to color?
Just visit here to get them. If you’re already a subscriber, you got the download link yesterday.

Yes @enginewitty … I did something for Halloween.


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