Sometimes I need to do more than reblog! This one is special!

I think...

We have come to expect that people who have invested a lot of time in Hive would do things to promote Hive, promote connection, and promote community.

I think...

We've also come to hope that people who have been here a while, and have had a chance to build their account would be generous in helping the newbies, giving nice upvotes, and basically ENCOURAGING more people to come and STAY. hahaha

Well, that sometimes happens, and it sometimes doesn't, right?

But - here is what impresses me.

When a newbie comes here and is so impacted by what they're seeing and feeling on this HIVE platform, that THEY want to be a part of sharing the little they have!!! COME ON. My gosh. That deserves some serious recognition. Want to be even more impressed? This person was recognized by ANOTHER newbie, (@wrestlingdesires) that brought it to my attention! hahaha Are you loving this as much as I am? LOL

So I know that reblogging gives a bit more eyes - and I'm always thankful when I see someone reblog my posts! But I also know that sometimes those are lost in the shuffle. So I wanted to write a fresh post honoring this person, and name her as the 100% beneficiary.

oh... before I forget - apparently it's her birthday very soon also! this week??

So, what did she do?

She won a contest by @nonsowrites, and instead of keeping all the winnings, she turned around to spread the love around.

And how did she do it?

By creating a new contest for NEWBIES that focuses on how GENUINELY engaged they are here. Which - I love. Because there are enough people in the world that are just taking up space to take advantage. But it's so very cool when the people who are trying, and caring - get rewarded genuinely!

So - IF YOU ARE A NEWBIE. you should go check out this post and get in on the action if you can!!! hehehe I believe there are 3 days left to participate! (click the image below for details!)

And if you are an oldbie, hahaha

  • throw some love towards this newbie! It's people like this that we need to be supporting as the next generation of this platform. They have the energy, the love, the desire for connection... all they need is support from the ones who have come before!

Sam, thanks for being genuinely generous!

I know I told you I'd like to give you 5 Hive for your contest, but let's bump that up to 10? (and who knows - maybe others will add too? hehe)

Also, since you are in the habit of supporting others, I'd like to give you a 500HP delegation for the next month (let's say til end of September?) - so it's more fun for you to upvote hehehe

Great job on making Hive a better place to be!

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