The Battle or A Dream?

The decision was made. She knew what she was going to do. She had weighed the pros and cons. The right and wrongs of her choice. It wasn't an easy choice. She knew what she was signing on for. It wasn't going to be an easy road. It terrified her.

Yet, it had to be done. She could not live with herself if she didn't go through with it. She made peace with her decision. Now the waiting started.

Life is fickle. Its sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired at the best of times. Waiting for the worst of times flew by. The day she had dreaded was upon her.

After her outing, she sat by the window, thinking about what she had committed to. She sat in wonder, thinking about how she felt it would have hurt more. How she still felt the same even though deep inside she knew she had changed.

She was tired.

Over her shoulder came whispering. The quiet noise would not fall into a rhythm so she could go back to sleep. A tad irritated, she looked around her for the cause of the disruption. She needed a rest. She was good and ready to start her nap now darn it!

Craning her neck as far back as possible, she saw two shadows behind her. The rest of her surroundings were blank but for the couple standing toe to toe. One waving their arms back and forth, the other, arms across their chest, leaning back, and mouth wide open.

Didn't they know a person was trying to nap?

The buzzing became louder and louder. In a split second, she could see the saliva coming out of the woman's mouth as she yelled. Turning, she looked to see who she was so upset with. What she saw made her gasp. Standing three feet away from her was the largest man she had ever seen. He was bright red from laughing so hard. He was starting to glow.

What The? What's going on?

It became apparent she was hearing sounds and not words. She had no idea why one was screaming and one laughing. Shaking her head, she tried to focus her mind on what was being said.

"I have your soul. Now. In my hands. You are mine." The voice slithered out.

"Never! No one owns my soul. It is mine and only mine. It is mine to take care of as I see fit. No ONE owns my soul but ME!" poured out of the women's throat.

The laughing stopped. He leaned forward. His face was a breath away from the woman when she heard him whisper.

"I can point inside you and show exactly where I am in you." He breathed.

The women's body became as still as a stone. No breath left her lungs. No stitch of skin twitched. Nothing but stone except for the women's eyes. Eyes filled with tears and overflowing. Eyes as blue as the ocean.

Watching the flow of tears down the women's face left her wanting to cry forever. She felt despair like never before radiating from the women. Not wanting to see another person suffer, she found herself leaning in to offer comfort and love to the women. Her body, ready to move, stopped itself.

Before her, she watched as the women's eyes went from despair to eternal love in a flash.

"These people are crazy!!"

She watched as the woman in front of her slowly took the man's hands in hers. In a calm voice, she explained how much she loved him. How she forgave him of any wrongdoing he had ever done. Taking him in her arms, she gently told him the truth.

"My soul is already given to the one I love above all others. There might be darkness in parts of it. But. Over time. The darkness will be washed away and return shining brighter than new."

"I love you and forgive you, but while my soul loves all of humanity, it will always be mine to take care of. No one can take it from me, no matter how hard they might try. There is too much love in my soul for it to ever go fully dark."

"Here is my cheek. Do your worst. I will still send you light to show the way as long as my soul has life. Look into my eyes, and you will know this to be true."

The man took a step back and stumbled. The sound made me take my eyes off the woman and look at him closely. For a brief instant, love and sadness flashed across his eyes.

"Why? Why did you do it? You knew this would be the price you would have to pay."

"It was the right decision to make given the circumstances. The only choice in the end. Love. Yes, even for you."

Tears leaked from the man's eyes while his body slowly straightened and turned to stone. Eyes as red as blood.

Turning back, love radiating from her soul, she snuggled deeper under the covers to sleep the deepest, most refreshing sleep of all time.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


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