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You can send your angry letters about Joey Arnold to the Info Wars address and let us know what you think. That is what I said live on air on radio and TV and online and I was talking about the news and stuff. Alex Jones was here and there in the studio in Texas and we were at the Safeway near my childhood house and there were other staff or others listening and Alex was going to pop back on or maybe not. I was feeling nervous and was not sure what to say next and was hesitating and then awoke from that dream at 2:10 AM Friday, that is today. Talked to my mom today for the first time ever from a phone app without a phone SIM via the Cornelius Library WIFI Thursday night around 7 AM for an hour or more in real life. Told mom I would love to work for Info Wars someday.


2018-01-12 Friday 2:20 AM PST OR163: Dream: Alex Jones Joey:
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