Do you use your free daily downvotes?

Do you use your free daily downvotes?

The Economic Improvement Proposal (EIP) from HF21 had three parts:

  1. a superlinear reward curve converging to linear after enough SP voting for a post
  2. a 50/50% reward split between author and curators
  3. a free downvote pool allowing 2.5 free downvotes per day

I'll focus on the latter. Before and even after the introduction of the free downvote pool, I had plenty concerns about it (as I had about all three points actually), but I said I'll think about if I'll use my free downvotes or not after all.

It turns out that till this day I abstained from using them because I don't want to be dragged in the negativity surrounding the exchanges of flags, even if occasionally I disagree with some content from various points of view (like tag abuse, for example).

I made my position clear about this continuous war some time ago, and nothing changed to make me feel otherwise.

I am wondering if you use your daily downvotes. And if you feel like explaining further, then what motivates you?

  • Yes, I manually use my free daily downvotes.

  • Yes, I follow a downvote curation trail.

  • No, I don't ever use my downvotes.

  • I manually downvote every once in a while.

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