Mail call for Momo 沫沫 the Labrador

Momo's interested in trying new careers. Lately she's wanted to be a dog fashion model. A parcel of props to support her new interest arrived today. At first she wasn't keen with modelling bathrobes because, Momo hates baths.


And here's the first bathrobe. The material is a microfibre fleece and basically a robe / towel thing. Momo dutifully posed next to a new bowl. We took this candid when she found out that the bowl says "The one who spends money / 花钱的".


Momo wills food to appear in her the bowl. I mean, that's how it works right?! Stare at the bowl until food magically appears.


It worked! Treats materialised ready to be nom nom'd. The bowl kept the sneaky treats from escaping under the couch where she cannot reach.


This bathrobe has fancy velcro fasteners, but is for a much larger dog. I might get out the sewing kit and do some adjustments, but it is kinda funny watching Momo trip and womble about.

Until next time.