Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

I came to Steemit July 2016 and bought my first 16000 Steem
because I saw this as an incredibly good project to invest in Steemit.
Since then I have invested a lot of money
in buying Steem and building my SteemPower
My inventory today is at 125962 Steempower

Here's what I've earned since July 2016 that you can check out for yourself

Rewards All Time
Curation SP 8,169.84
Author SP 21,522.19

I have at that time when my inventory was approx. 25000 SP made only one powerdown and after that I have always run PowerUp. During that time I have helped support many minnows in the community and previously made competitions with good prizes to the winners in SBD and STEEM.

I also support @ art-venture "Art-Venture Magazine" and SPUD,
which I also sponsor for both

Now I feel that my heart for the platform is about to split

heart-1952347_1920 1A.png

I have helped several investors spend larger amounts on the market and invested in Steem. They invested because I told them the concept of supporting others on the platform they could also make some profit from it themselves. After HF21 I told them that it was possible to earn more now (50/50%) by voting on even more. They liked the feedback and were on their way to invest more in steem from the market.

But they have read my post

A major flag downvote war is spreading on Steemit

The questions that came from investors were:
Flagg should be there to stop Spam / plagiarism and stop scams
I answered yes to that, but now it is also used to curb payments on posts even though they have quality, but they earn too much get a massive downvote. I was also asked if this happened to me and yes I replied it has happened and with several of my friends at Steemit.

This is very negative for other investors who buy steem in the market and invest them in SteemPower to give others their support. Remember that as long as there are buyers it is possible to sell. It is small and large investors who keep it all going. Now I am afraid that those who give massive downvote can damage the platform in the long run, but they themselves state that it is for the good of the community on this platform.

There is a double moral here:
Many of those who use downvote have large accounts and poll others who they like with good voting power. Whether those posts make $ 40 or more doesn't seem to matter to the rewards pool they are talking about. Clearly, priority will be different

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