Downvoted? The Bidbottophant explains why.

By popular demand: The Bidbottophant is back... This is a repost of the original downvoted and ghosted post.

If you see this post you have either been downvoted - you come here to use the Bidbottophant yourself - or maybe you are just curious.

1. You have been downvoted

In short: you have received a downvote because you used bidbots to boost your reward.

Bidbots are bad for the following reasons:

  1. Steemit is based on proof of brain. No brain is needed to buy a reward and move to the trending page. Rewards should be based on what the Steemit community considers to be quality made from talent and hard work, not who pays the most to large profiles.
  2. Bidbots are middlemen in a system that was supposed to get rid of middlemen. By buying votes you support this abusive extra layer of expense on Steemit. Everytime someone uses a bidbot value is taken out of the reward pool and given to an automated service - just like banks, Paypal and the like.
  3. Bidbot create unnecessary inflation and pull money out of the reward pool. The value taken out of the system could be used to help small accounts and newcomers making Steemit more attractive and eventually making the community grow. The injustice of bidbots have already made many good Steemit bloggers leave the site.

The Bidbottophant is made by @katharsisdrill, but the downvote you have received might not be from him. If the downvote is blatantly unfair he is sorry, but the complaint should be directed at the downvoter.

See below for more info on how to use the Bidbottophant yourself.

The Bidbottophant was hurt in a drivebot attack by the bidbot Booster. He did talk in alliterations before the incident, though. (See the original post here)

2. You want to use the Bibottophant yourself

If you want to use the Bidbottophant you simply copy the code below and put it in a comment on the page you downvoted. It will automatically provide a link to this page.

Remember that it should only be used when people are buying votes from bidbots, and please be fair and respectful. The Bidbottophant is not meant for flag wars, harassing and the like and also remember that some people can't appreciate humour when simultaneously loosing money.

You paste this code into the comment:


It will look like this:

And link to this page.

All artwork on this page is made by Katharsisdrill and is licenced Creative Commons -by. You can use, resample and sell it, but you are obliged to mention the artist.

This work is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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