Double Dip @ Your Own Risk ~ #idontsupportgarbage

Having multiple revenue streams is a great idea, for a variety of different reasons. I have many myself, and would encourage everyone to do everything in their power to 1. Make your money work for you & 2. Make money while you sleep.

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However, at what cost do you milk a system to earn a buck?

If you haven't guessed it by now, I'm referring to the old blockchain.

I don't remember why I even was on there, but I saw a lot of cross posting from people I upvote here on Hive regularly.


That old blockchain, the one that was usurped from its rightful owners. That one which collaborated with exchanges to use YOUR crypto to overtake all the witness spots. That one which STOLE millions of dollars from people. That one which took it from decentralized to centralized. That one, which will not be named here...


Y'all are still posting there? Giving your content to that trash heap? Giving it a semblance of credibility in the crypto-sphere?

I'm honestly disgusted.

Maybe some of you didn't know....

Or maybe you just don't care enough, or at all about what happened, and are just continuing to try and make a buck...

But I can't in good conscience support anyone who has anything to do with that trash heap, garbage bin, piece of sh*t.

Even holding that token imo is lending legitimacy to something that has proven to be the one thing I got into crypto to avoid.

So while I may not matter to you, or my vote may not matter to you, I cannot continue to vote for people here on Hive who continue to prop up a system with such bad scruples it makes my stomach turn.

I don't intend to tag all the people here on Hive who I saw over there. I just hope they see this post and understand what it is they are doing.

If making a few bucks over there is worth more to you vs. my upvote to you here on Hive, then best of luck. But if you comment on here stating that you will no longer support that system, I would LOVE to continue supporting your work...



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