I Raised My Level And Am Now A Dolphin! - HIVE PUD Power Up Day

I'm a Dolphin! Yeah!


I was not expecting that. I had 5171 HP, 150 HP delegated to me but I delegate 859 HP. So my effective vote weight was 4462 HP. I just powered up 279.895 HIVE (4743 effective HP now).
I will power up more these next days in order to really deserve it.

I Was A Minnow

Being a minnow was nice too. When I was plankton I was earning almost nothing, like many of us. I had to invest to grow and become a minnow. I raise slowly by running a free voting service and a market maker bot, @quicktrades. I also give back to my delegators their share of curation rewards.

Now A Dolphin

Let's see now how the life is from a marine mammifere point of view.

Taiji Dolphin Hunt - Lara Lamberti

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