By My Flamin' Beard And Glittering Eye

It is a Dawggy Flame,
And she stoppeth one of thee
"By thy Flamin' beard and glittering eye,
Now wherefore stopp'st thou me?"
...adapted from STC's Ancient Rime


Nobody knows where I got my beard from.

That's why I 'stopped' you, coz I wanna tell you about it and share some pix.

beard (3).jpg

I am the only of my siblings (6 of us) to have a clearly defined beard. Bhaloo and Fudge (my brother and sis) are fluffy and that's kinda different and they don't have well defined facial hair.

beard (1).jpg

That makes me the Bearded Bitch yo!

beard (2).jpg

Even me ol' Hyumi, Barge, was growing a beard for a while which he has now shaved off. I tried convincing him to do the Chinese moustache thing so he could look like me. But he didn't :*(.

beard (4).jpg

In all seriousness:

My granma on my mama's side was full Border Collie. Then again, perhaps she was a Bearded Collie!

My mama - her name is Yuki - is also half Belgian Shepherd. Perhaps they have beards. Hmmm.

As for my Pa - Mashu is his name, well, he's half German Shepherd so no beards there. The other half is a mystery so perhaps that's where my beard comes from.

beard (5).jpg

So you see, it's just as I said: Nobody knows where I got my beard from!

Flame @flamistan

PS. Below a photo of my 'Glittering Eye(s)' in case you may have been wonderin' 😆

beard (6).jpg

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