Trump Country Documentary Premiere Went Well - with link to watch

I'm happy to say the premier went well. And now "Trump Country -after Trump" has almost 1000 views in 18 hours--pretty darn good for my channel.

Trump Country reaction.png

Thanks to everyone who attended.
And thank you to all who helped make this documentary.

Especially these days, political projects are so dicey. So I tried hard to avoid unnecessary provocation by highlighting relatable conversation, the honest concerns of these individuals, their reasoning, their lifestyle.

I hoped this film would be a window through which even those who disagree could yet connect to the people on the other side. It's great to see many commenters seem to be doing so. It restores the belief that beyond the reactive political fronts making the most noise today, there remains a core of America that simply wants to learn and connect and grow and move beyond the extreme one-sidedness poisoning not just political discourse but even social functioning in general.

So thank you to all the viewers--for your comments and shares and attendance to the premiere.

Thank you to the film's co-creator Krista Nipp.

A project starts with an idea and then requires the addition of countless others. The music, design, and structure of this documentary--not to mention a lot of the camera work--was from Krista's lead.

Lastly, thank you to the families who participated. They gave several hours from their lives, revealing them in the process, and doing so knowing they would be judged for it. Thank you, Matt & Stacy and Becky & Rob.

I hope this film continues in its current trajectory, and I look forward to the next project. In the meantime, keep an eye out for our other, regular content including new podcasts with Paul Givens.

As always, reach out with any feedback, suggestions, or story/project ideas.

Thanks again.

Watch the film here:

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