Becky Expresses Gratitude for Being in My Film

One of my biggest concerns when making these stories is the fulfillment of those I feature.

I hope for them to look back and say, “I’m glad I did that.”

Trump Country Becky.png

This was challenging for "Trump Country" because of the provocative topic and openness of those interviews. I can see how it would be easy (especially these days) to refuse or get cold feet worrying about the response to the story.

Of the four people interviewed, Becky was the most reluctant, second-guessing the decision before the interview even began.

After a couple of phone calls she reaffirmed her commitment and we began the interviews this past December.

Last night, I called Becky to see what she thought of the final product.
“I really liked it, Brandon,” she calmly said. “I liked how you presented it.”

Becky continued, saying she “watched and re-watched” and that she appreciated how it showed aspects of their home and their life.
Not bad for almost not doing it at all.

I understand that journalists who do exposés and undercover work and other kinds of investigative projects aren’t in the same position as me. Yet even when I do highlight controversial topics or people, I still want them to feel it was worthwhile because the work represented their truth. And after that, the rest is up to the viewer.

Thanks again, Becky!

Watch "Trump Country -after Trump" here:

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