DLUX: What is it?

Decentralized Limitless User Experiences

DLUX is an open source project built on the Hive blockchain that started as a way for users to build, post, and monetize virtual reality experiences without needing to know any code themselves. By leveraging networked A-Frame, visitor avatars spawn into social VR rooms with interconnecting portals to other places, all in-browser across mobile, headsets, and desktop computers. With full Hive wallet integration, the ability to purchase and tip became a reality for VR art galleries, AR menu systems, and 2D web dApps.


As the project grew, the need for an oracle arose to control how user assets can be packaged, pinned, and distributed. Now much more than a decentralized metaverse, DLUX is a full DeFi (decentralized finance) solution. The DLUX token architecture includes the ability to time lock tokens for vote power or governance collateral, and a DEX (decentralized exchange) enables atomic swaps of assets between users. No central authority exists, instead the novel use of a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) with governance collateral held in escrow by smart contracts ensures orders placed on the DEX are safe. The users maintain consensus in a deterministic way by reading the Hive chain block-by-block and broadcasting their response in the form of a hash.


Future updates include a community controlled multi-signature wallet that will enable bridges to other cryptocurrencies, partial fill orders on the DEX (nonatomic swaps), and community proposals. Accounts holding DLUX Governance will be able to vote on code changes and how various community funds are spent. Move past a scarcity mindset by building on Hive, with no fees, and no code required. The barrier to entry for VR, dApps, and crypto projects is gone, making DLUX the most accessible dApp platform in the crypto space.

Come build anything and earn at dlux.io

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Want to help us?

That's great! We'd love to have your support. Please vote on our proposals if you haven't already.

#148 - Funds the development of our token and DEX to further our decentralized finance architecture.
#152 - Funds the development of our DAO multi-signature wallet to enable higher security and more features.

If you're interested in building AR, VR, dApps, or just chatting about the future, drop into our Discord server and say hi!

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