Alex Jones Banned From Youtube, Itunes & Facebook..


This appears to be Alex Jones' last video on Youtube and other mainstream platforms. He is only able to publish to Twitter currently as far as I can see. He has repeatedly stated that he wants others to spread his videos and upload them on social platforms, so I don't think he will be against me uploading here.

While I have certainly not been able to get behind Alex in many of his thought processes and claims - he does have a history of highlighting important facts and stories which really are being heavily denied and blacked out by the lamestream media. His early documentaries are still worth watching (before he made a lot of money and lost whatever balance he had in those early days).

In any case, maybe he will start publishing to D.Tube and Steemit - given that he cannot be censored here.. I'm not sure what that would do to this blockchain - but it will certainly increase sales of popcorn for a while!

My video is at DLive

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