Disk Cloning

I've had problems with the system disk on my computer for some time now. Well, I basically ran out of space on it. The Kingston SSD, 128Gb was already too small and I got system messages about low space and to do something.

When it was no longer helpful to delete temporary files, and it was this morning, I decided - now or never. I need to replace the drive with a larger one. I went to a local store, otherwise i didn't expect them to have any drive in stock but they had one Gigabyte SSD 240 gb. Bigger, so enough, and for a reasonable price - 54 €. I could order online and it would be about 10 € cheaper but I would have to wait 3-4 days...


OK. I borrowed an HDD Docking Station from a colleague, remove the drive from my computer, put the old and new disk into the HDD cloner, and started cloning with the push of a button.


It took about 40 minutes and a new disk was done and I put it in my computer. I was a little worried because from experience I know that it can be complicated with system disks.


Well, everything was fine and this post has already been released from the new drive :)

Enjoy the rest of the day!
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