Customizing my Xbox 360 controller with 3D printed parts


I've been using an old classic wired Xbox 360 controller for gaming on my pc lately. It works really well and I quite enjoy the control layout. I just played through farcry 3 and I'm working on farcry 4. I've heard 5 is kinda shit but I think I'm gunna get it anyway because fuck it. They're good games so far. Anyway - I decided to customize my controller a bit by 3D printing some new buttons and new sticks. I love how it turned out. Might paint the faceplate black though because it's Spooky season. It was a fun little project.


First I printed the sticks. Then I found models for all the buttons. I printed them separately because I wanted to use different amounts of infill. The sticks are printed with 80% and the buttons printed with 60%.

The prints came out awesome. Printed at 0.2mm layer height at 70mm/s. Loving the faster printing my Ender 3 Pro can achieve now that I converted it to direct drive. I'm going to test tpu filament tomorrow! I'm excited to play with different materials.




Before. Classic old ass white controller. I know it needs to be cleaned.


During. Easy take apart. There's 7 screws on the back. Then it pops apart super easy. The dpad is held in with 2 screws as well.

After. Super spoopy. Me likes.


I've played with it. I love the feel of the new sticks. They have grips to make handling better. The buttons are a little rough on top, might have to hit em with a little sand paper. The guide button was too small so I decided I'm going to design my own. With like a weed leaf on it or something. Who knows.

Thanks for reading.

Good night.

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