A New Start To The Growing Season.

Guy's I wanted to share with you my Allotment and its progress.

For weeks now I have been preparing for a new growing season and decided that it was time to add a polytunnel to my allotment.

But I have a problem,

I have no money and polytunnels cost a small fortune to buy, so I thought what would be the next best thing to do.

Using some gifted wood I decided that I would build a wooden frame and see if it would work the same as a bought polytunnel.

The wood was given to me by another plot holder who was sorting through his plot and decided that it needed to go, he gave me two choices, use it or burn it.

I decided to use it and build something that would last maybe a couple of seasons.

I also found a wooden door in a skip that I thought would work well on this wooden polytunnel. check out some of the pictures.






I chose to make this build as tall as I could, and it stands at just under 10 feet tall 8 feet long and 5 feet wide.

Why did I choose this? Well last year I grew tomatoes and the vines didn't do as well as I wanted them to but this year with the extra heat that will be retained in the tunnel I am expecting something bigger.

I am however going to add my basil chilis and cucumber plants in here too.

I have decided also to use grow bags instead of turning the ground, this is so I can just empty the tunnel at the end of the season and not worry about anything been left in the ground.

I do have some other exciting news, I have babies, 5 baby rabbits we didn't know that our rabbit was pregnant!



Our kids are over the moon.

Hope to catch you all really soon.