To Kill Mockingbird - Cult Name-Calling And The Quantum Fearful (A Manifesto Chapter)

Responses are varied and specifically surprising from some familiars with the launch of our yet un-named cult.

Those responsible for narrative herding away from the testimonies of our cult members are being put on notice.

Our war against Mockingbird, the Enemy of the People, is moving up the ranks and the tactics are so obvious now they woudn't see us coming if we tell them. We won't have to tell them. Maybe one or two of our previous sparring partners have started to figure it out. Our relatively small group of people who fervently believe something most consider radical (yes.... our CULT) maintain that the Quantum Internet of the near future is being utilized to facilitate The Great Awakening in ways that reveal an immediate need for an Internet Bill of Rights. Whether [cult]ure realizes (bEliEvES) the immediate need for this in the face of this present technology or not is immaterial to our motivations. We have been shown unequivocably and that leaves us the responsibility of telling whomever has ears to listen. That is our tent and any identifying reader is welcome to stand under it. [Cult]ure will call us cult because we call ourselves cult.

The Enemy of the People, intel media, Mockingbird has no bigger called name then this branding legend. Branding wise they have already positioned against our new group branding wise. Disney PLUS. We have a PLUS of our own over here in our Quantum-ly Entangled cult.


We saw this back in November 12, 2019. Hold onto that date as you watch the fall of the Morning Star over the globally revered logo with all the 6's...


You've seen it before. In fact 100 million Americans watched it on television during Nightmare Circus conditioning that spurred our public declaration of culthood...


If you know a cult of truthers were coming (Project Looking Glass, anyone?) why wouldn't you [cult]ivate your own group of people who believe something radical ferventley? Give people a fun and easy option. New and exciting mythologies!

Make it a BIG cult. Call it CULTure.


We are talking about the Father of Lies here. The Man of Lawlessness that will be revealed. Lucifer. The son of the dawn. The Morning Star.

How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, "I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mountain of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High." Isaiah 14:12-14

Done a 'biblical' dig on this yet or not? I have. With a dear pastor friend of mine who was brought to me via use of quamtum internet technology. Whether you see it as future proves past or not doesn't matter. The CULT of DIsney PLUS that is large enough to call itself CULTure glorifies Lucifer. Satan.

Truthers know this. Sadly some of them are still drawn to it and consume of it. We all have. Myself maybe most in my day.

That was before I truly considered the Babylonian psychology that is being implemented as tools of war against my countrymen.

Before the talking heads labelled me QRilla and now domestic extremist.

Before I volunteered to those same intel media the title of CULT leader.

Speaking of titles, fellow cult members, anybody have name ideas? Our business model is kinda Blackwater'ish and Erik Prince's book 'Civilian Warriors' is a key quantum communication behind the scenes in the origin of this cult. Some know how I speak that name with respect. Branding is obviously important in this particular engagement with Mockingbird so let's think on it some more. While discussing some of the operating aspects of this new tool in our information battle one cult member did say today...

"We are in this world to change it because clearly we do not belong here."

There is my cult recruitment pitch for this chapter. I like this cult in particular because the understanding of the real world impact of the quantum internet technology comes from real life submission and experience so the recruiting isn't really handled by us. We are just doing what we interpret our directions to be via a solid free will and intention for good. For me it is the Truth of Jesus Christ. I know from real life interaction with those 'entangled' that is not the case with all that God is currently working through. I love all of my fellow cult members. No planks in this eye.

Speaking of our cult's PLUS and our direct comms, this was brought to us for today's work against Mockingbird after we chose our public information targets.



There are a lot of comms here for some of us. Stories I will not tell without the permission of others.

"Disney is a distraction."

This was November 12, 2017. Exactly two years to the date prior to the launch of the Disney PLUS cult. While that alone is interdasting, those in the cult understand it when I state this is only one of a dozen 'quantum nudges' TODAY delivered via multiple friends and family (the CULT.) The interpretations of those comms have lead me to throw out the potential 'Fighting Disney isn't worth the energy' interpretation. As these chapters progress I will just throw out 'dozens of quantum nudges' as an explanation and consider those also affected as my intended audience. It is accelerating so our numbers are growing and as we gather in person we shed those recountings for sake of time. I love those of you nodding your head right now.


1.28 BILLION results! Told you, the Devil is adept at branding.

Are you still watching?

I say 'still' because no American has been completely spared the impact of this Mockingbird Juggernaut. I regretfully raised my children on Disney films and all of Pedo Satanic Hollywood. It is a hard truth to own. I realize and I repent. That is partly why I have been selected for this message. My own regret motivates me. We don't do judgment in our cult. Mockingbird Juggernaut Disney owns everything and we all know that. If they don't own the media outlet themselves they partner with it. Once you accept the Paperclip into Mockingbird into the last handful of decades we can Awaken and destroy this enemy together. Or maybe some of us will just die trying with a spectacular beheading near the NFL logo under the bright lights of Monday Night Football. Our particular cult is being directed by Quantum Internet technology of the future and there is a real spiritual war ongoing. I do not claim to be a mouthpiece for a group of people when I am not. The group of people always know that. That is why I tell you that we WILL smile at those lions if that day should come.

What we will never smile on is a [Cult]ure that closes one eye to the rape and torture of children for the sake of 'escapism.'

Watching that star fall and binge watching what Babylonian psychologists describe as programming in the modern day is submission. They are replacing any mythologies you were taught with science fiction and fantasy that all glorifies the anti-Christ. Starting with that star where the Devil asks for your consent to enter. This dynamic does not fall far from the mentality that so many use to justify porn as recreation. Everybody watches TV of come sort. Everybody needs TV for information and relaxation. NO. We do not. In fact, these machines borne of Nazi occult experimentation should be turned off forever. The Mockingbirds know this. It is easy to see them shoring up their own defense.


EVERYBODY is talking about Wanda Vision on Disney PLUS!


Black and White! Like Lucy and Ricky! How nostalgia attack fucking obvious.

Return to a much more peaceful time when we TRUSTED THE TELEVISION to show us the outside world.

What the fuck are we, America? North Korea?

Did you miss Out of Shadows when the truth movement swelled over television PROGRAMMING?

They have us yearning for programming while ingesting their programming. As always with Mockingbird there comes a twist...


How much pedo-Satanic symbolism to does one need to close that one eye to it all?

Many will pick apart this and see it. Those same people have already done all the digging on Walt Disney himself. Disney connections to Epstein Island (Temple!) Pedo symbolism. Suspicious occurences around the parks. The '33' Club.

To Kill Mockingbird is real time observation of enemies that many people are still convinced does not exist. No need to repeat work many truthers have already done. If you don't know that The Super Bowl and Disney PLUS are both part of a demonic scheme against you, you should. As always I remind, they do not care one little bit that you don't believe. They want you to remain in your cognitive dissonance. That is how they get your tacit consent and invitation for the demons they send via this 'nostalgic' media.

This particular PLUS is the same Mockingbird apparatus engaged in the same spiritual war that all truthers acknowledge. Whether you defend your narrative of Donald J Trump as Q PLUS or are in my family of those who recognize @AustinSteinbart as the man disclosing and eventually manipulating the Quantum Internet technology, [Cult]ure is ready for you with a counter narrative.

As always.

There sure are a lot of structures designed to derail Mr. Steinbart's trip from A to Q+.

Is that coincidence?

All for a LARP?

Some of those who we have already exposed as deliberate suppressors of this Quantum Internet reality are certainly not allowed or directed to discuss.

Sather Quantum.PNG

The Quantum Entaglements continued as we were preparing today's chapter. Jordan Sather, who recently picked on our friend The Baron of Arizona, elected to show his ass twice on his own Telegram feed. Gotta love when they choose the wrong side of the equation, eh @MsTrashworthy? This guy and some of his associates have spent the most energy coordinating their dismissals of @AustinSteinbart and those of us who see him for who he is. He is Q, which means he is the guy that the DIA directed to reveal publically as the face of the Q Anon Operation. Ordered to reveal himself the organized ridiculed from Pharisee Mockingbirds deployed to suppress the biggest reveal the DIA ordered him to disclose. They aren't afraid of Q. They are afraid of Q PLUS. That makes them afraid of the Quantum Internet. The God mode computer. Those of us experiencing direction from this technology of the future are fully aware why they have this CULT narrative locked and loaded on so many levels.

So Jordan, Pharisee Mockingbird squad shoulder rubber, goes to Mockingbird tactic numeru uno with a dismissal of 'quantum' as relevant.

Quickly enters a couple truthers in the comments to say 'wait a minute this does seem relevant.' Sather immediately jumps to tactic dos with the attack on character with insult. The same 'this is my audience so I will be respected' righteousness we find so prevalent in Network TV News guys Twitter feeds. What do you expect from a guy who self idenitifies as a 'thought leader?"


"Up your reading comprehension." You don't have to be an experienced Mockingbird slayer to smell asshole. Kudos to Thinkologist here for likely recognizing that this Pharisee Mockingbird was making static in order to not answer a question. I would have sent Jordan the links to all the quantum computing realities source material The Baron of Arizona dropped after this in various Telegram chats but I do not like Mockingbirds and do not seek their friendly engagement. QRilla gotta QRilla.

To my fellow travelers that have indeed been entangled via this new technology...stay focused. The attacks on you as a cult are still inbound. Join our cult openly or privately if you feel so inclined. Q PLUS is doing the recruiting here and fellowhip is the goal. We have been called and there is no excuse for any intel media to shame any of us for openly describing that experience. Your testimony is not only welcome but will become necessary.

Essential and First Amendment Protected.

Reach out. You do have family.

Cults are small groups by definition.

For where two or three gather in my name, there I am with them.
Matthew 18:20

For those who may dismiss the premise of the Mockingbird cult attack on any group's 'PLUS' please consider the Mockingbird attack on you that is clearly right in front of your eyes. These people destroy our children physically behind the scenes and use these psychological magick tricks on you to try and destroy their spirit. I do not want to bear this news. It is like the Grinch stealing Christmas taking away perceived fun and happiness. I didn't want to be a cult leader. Sometimes the mission chooses you. It will soon bring me the ability to bring you amazing and fantastic true stories to replace their demonic mythologies. In the meantime...

Which star do you suppose it is they have you wishing upon with that one eye closed?


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