Does anyone care what you have to say?


Serious question, think about it. Think of it from the perspective of someone who has no idea what Hive is. They likely don't give a damn about rewards, curation, proposals, or anything most of us talk about here. Would they care about your post about Hive?

Everyone here on Hive plays a small part in onboarding new users by publishing content that appears on search engines.

I know there are a group of people who hate that Hive is talked about and takes up spots on trending. While I understand their argument, I also expect some meta discussions about our platform to happen and is unavoidable.

If you follow me, you likely know I talk about a lot of topics and do not focus on any specific thing. One day I may be writing about the Raspberry Pi, another day reviewing a popular movie, and another day talking about Bitcoin.

I have a lot of different interests and I try to explore them by creating content that might be interesting to not only you my loyal reader but also someone searching Google on how to boot an SSD off a Raspberry Pi 4 that has no idea what Hive is. Maybe they might want to join the discussion and create an account. I know it is a long shot, but it doesn't hurt to try!


I say a lot that we need more users and more users will solve the majority of the problems we have here on Hive. Every post you create on Hive feeds search engines with valuable content that may be returned to their users. By creating content on popular topics, trends, and hobbies you create content that has a higher chance of attracting new users.

I don't get mad when I see another post about Hive, although I know a few people do. I would like it if users considered this more often and tried to create content that may attract new users to Hive and not just talk to the users we have here.

Even if you only create one post a week that is dedicated to this, that would help all of us in the long run. The more potentially popular content we feed search engines, the more they will refer their userbases to us. I've had a few users join Hive as a result of something I published here, granted it isn't thousands or even hundreds, every bit helps.

Another important thing is sharing your content on Twitter, Reddit, even Facebook, it all helps expose Hive to new users. I know Twitter is evil, but it is a tool, a really effective one at that. You are crazy to not take advantage of that. No where else can average Joe get the attention of so many big names in various industries with so little effort. It may suck but don't let that stop you from using one of the most effective promotion tools available for free.

Something to think about...

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If you frequently publish content about Hive, keep doing what you are doing but consider creating content someone who knows nothing about Hive might be interested in reading. If your content has a theme like gardening, I don't suggest you start writing a post about Bitcoin, you are already creating content that will attract normies.