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I have only been in Eugene for a week or so but I am still unpacking, waiting for Soil school supplies to arrive via mail like a microscope and helping my friend that I am living with do backyard work. My friend is allowing me to have space to compost here. However, he is not in the best of health so in ways I feel compelled to help him but next week I will be unpacked fully and have all my supplies and really need to get back to studying. A lot is happening and my friend is pushing it hard so why not help him?

This past week I helped my friend till/carve out some of his yard as well as helping him even out the area for his greenhouse we have to build still.



I have been telling my friend not to spend so much money on stuff and not to till but I can not stop him. He then had plans to buy 40 tons of Loam soil from a local soil company to fill in his backyard. Loam is a well structured soil type with sands, silts and clays. So once we were done tilling and carving his backyard up he had the loam come in. They had a conveyor belt so this process was easier.



Scot lives on a creek side in Eugene, Oregon where Nutrias, an invasive rodent species, is a problem. So he decided to install some chicken wire along the creek side.


Next we have cover crop to layout. I suggested this and he was all for it. The cover crop will help the biology in the soil, fix nitrogen and help prevent soil erosion.



I also got a Tall Boy water filter system with a special dechlorinating filter to help remove chloramines that will help hopefully with seed germination.

Scot got some top shelf soil from some company down the street. He intended to use this for the cannabis plants but I encouraged him to instead use this other soil from Ground Up Soil, a company that makes soils to high standards ie microscope analysis. So he opted to use the 2 cubic yards of soil he just got for top dressing on the cover crop seeds for tomorrow.


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