What do you do in your relationship


Once upon a time a friend of mine had a girlfriend who needed a financial skill but she felt having a boyfriend will settle her laziness and fill her pocket.

Her boyfriend did his best to get her to pick interest in same things he uses to generate fund but she refused regardless because online skills isn't her thing, she will rather prefer something to do physically but she was restricted by her fathers strictness of her talking to strangers ( a shameless practice some African parents still do in modern times).

The boyfriend tried his possible best to get her to be interested in online digital skills but all proved to no avail leading her to break up gradually because to her the boyfriend was stingy with sharing the money he makes from online digital skills if it was as lucrative as he says.

The only thing some people do in their various intimate relationships is to eat shawarma, go to the cinema, proceed to the other room, etc. Then you tell yourselves that you want to get married. No plan. No purpose. No dream. No conversation on financial intelligence. Nothing on parenting. No discussion on investments and how to sustain your family after. You only talk about the last thing that happened in the other room and the next one.

Having a relationship with such individuals is a total red flags and everyone should be watchful for those who have no financial ambition other than being pretty


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