Calling Upon All Active/Sleeping Steemians To Support Active and Known Witnesses To Protect The Steem Blockchain

Steem is under attack; Together, We Must Act!

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Justin Sun + Exchanges failed takeover is not yet over. To secure the chain Steemians must act as soon as possible taking specific actions to secure the blockchain, ecosystem, and community from malicious attackers.

  1. Use all of your 30 Witness votes to vote for active witnesses. You will notice the malicious witnesses below (implanted into the top 20 by Justin Sun with the help of corrupt exchanges that stole customer's funds)have no profile picture goodguy24,agirl10000,cloudysun,eastooowest,hunger365,waitforyou1,flyingfly1,jumphigh,paintingclub,toke2049,happylife123,coronashallgo,night11pm,bostonawesome,car2001,nicetry001,aheadofslow,high46,onestepaday,respect888 <--- Bad witnesses who have no track record, owned by a single party (Justin Sun)
  2. Tell everyone you know who has a Steem account to use their stake and vote for Witnesses who have a proven track record and want to see the Steem blockchain progress forward.
  3. Continue the discussion about what actions should be taken moving forward to prevent these exchange-related attacks. (possibly an exchange/trust ranking mechanic similar to reputation).

The Steem Battle-cry echoes all around the world.

Justin Sun tried to overthrow a powerful digital democracy and failed. He should give up now and "save face". Else he won't have anything left to save in the future. This is a promise.

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