Weekly Weigh-In .... Slow and Steady Wins The Race.

Well not stellar weight loss this week but better than the week before. Considering it's NFL playoff season and my hometown team is still in the playoffs, I'm pretty proud of losing a few pounds a week. As long as I don't gain for now, I'm a happy Dood 🤣

So it's Sunday, my regular cheat day. I woke up this morning and weighed myself. I'm happy to report losing another 2.5 to 3 lbs. I'll take that. I had a nice big breakfast of bacon egg and cheese omelette with a side of bacon! I'll be sipping a couple cocktails for playoff day and I've got a pot roast in the over with baked potatoes and I'll be making my homemade gravy. Maybe I'll post the recipe in the next couple days.


Yeah, definitely not the usual diet post here! Still I started at 310 I'm now down to 296. Each week losing a little weight. Currently I'm eating clean. Low fat, lots of chicken, rice, veggies and fruit. I'm not starving myself, and I'm feeling pretty good for the most part.

Right after the Super Bowl I'm going to get a little more hardcore with my dieting. For now eating clean with a weekly cheat day is working so I'm sticking with it until playoff season has ended.

For anyone wondering what a cheat day consists of. For me it's just what it sounds like. I eat whatever I want on that 1 day. Chips, beer, pizza, whatever I feel like. I get it all out of my system and look forward to that day the rest of the week. During the week there is little to no cheating at all. My diet the rest of the week generally consists of salads, fruits, vegetables. I've been doing a lot of rice bowls. My meat intake is minimal at best. I may go a couple days with no meats at all. I'll often do juice or water fasts a day or two a week as well. I'll get a little more detailed with this after playoffs because I'll be getting much serious about it between then and Memorial day (Around end of May)

I did manage to clear off the treadmill. My lower back has been feeling much better so I want to start taking some long walks maybe light jogs on the Treadmill starting next week. That should help too. I'll post some miles in my next update.

So that's where I'm at. Making progress, albeit slowly. If the Buffalo Bills win todays playoff game we'll be one game away from the Super Bowl. I'm pretty excited about that. We haven't been to the Super Bowl since the mid 90's so this is a big deal in my hometown. Anyway, wishing you all a wonder Sunday and best of luck to any Kansas City fans. Mahomes is awesome and when I'm not cheering on the Bills I'm a HUGE Kansas City fan since the Okoye days! God I just really aged myself.

Cheers, and thanks for reading!

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