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A new wave of experience is coming over us on our travels. We finally feel like our media mission is coming to manifestd as the path ahead is clearer and clearer and all we really want to do is work on our media projects, on Hive and on our skillsets for where it is we are going.

BUT, universe doesn't seem to agree fully. It's just not quite that easy...

It's almost like it forces breaks on us, hiatuses of a temporary nature in order to catch up with our wider tribe in the physical realm. It is time well spent with friends and family over here in Montenegro while they are here to visit but at the same time it's almost impossible to get to what we want to get to and it sometimes feels too slow and cumbersome. Others would call it wasting time, which isn't quite the case either. Just impatience^^ Which can be a little tiresome. Not because working on one's media mission is somehow more valuable, but because the ego keeps creeping in with self-sabotaging ideas of "you are going too slowly!" "Can't afford to go so slowly!"


But we can. And we arguably have to, simply because it's in the air, laid out thick. The path ahead may not be so straight as I want it to be and the detours always have merit. It's just that the frequency of detours keeps gnawing at me. There are so so many.

Maybe it's the deep-seated accomplisher-mindset coming from a workaholic-culture that often collides or even conflicts with the free life of a traveler. But at the same time we know fully well that we got to give in order to receive and that we have to make use of opportunities that present themselves in order to fund our travels in the coming months. It's such a human perspective on what is going on but it's also one of the themes that keeps arising, especially in this messed up co'ny year 2020.

It's like a recurring luring us back into the ego view of the world where it states that nothing gets accomplished without endless amounts of hard work and self-austerity. But that is not where we want to go, nor would it be worth it in the long run. If we can't find the time and space right now to enjoy life with our tribe, then why are we even doing all this?

It feels like a new wave of challenge is in the air for sure. Maybe we just feel the tide turning once more after a few great weeks here. The theater on the world stage had never subsided fully and already they are amping it up for round two, the writing is on the wall. Uncertainties about future plans - even mere weeks into the future - make the ego shiver and tremble. And rebel. Because it needs more information in an era where there isn't any except through the senses our culture generally scoffs at: The finer senses. Not the five in the physical.

But somehow (and oddly so) I feel it's all perfect the way it is. I get with it more and more, the extra amount of patience required of me and the days where I need to choose my work over what else I would like to do. It goes farther than I would have thought and still I could use and exercise more patience.

How patient can one get? More patient^^

I trust that it will all lead to where I need to go, even when the immediate sense of the detour isn't quite apparent. Energetic fluctuations are accompanying us every day and some days are just better suited to tackle a project than others. So instead of expecting to get to a plan tomorrow, I just hope we can get to it in accordance with the quality of the time.

Every. Day.

I really think it all means something. Though I feel more and more that I am less and less able to pin it down into a rational statement. Faith. Just faith, it's good enough if you took the jump into the unknown on intuition and a great logical case that overlap greatly. What else can you do?

Can't wait to see how it will all pan out. At least the next milestone, and then the next, and the next... The time of great transformation is here and I need to remind mysself that this is exactly what I have been training for, waiting for, and... hoping for. A shift so vast it can't be ignored. A shift to enter a new phase of awareness and self-determination.


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