Diary | Our time in the valley is slowly coming to an end after a beautiful year


What a blessed past 11 months this has been for my woman and me, living out in the Bulgarian countryside working on our apprenticeships for the future. We learned tons of new skills related to homesteading which we are really grateful for. The first baby steps working in our "own" garden, sowing plants and caring for them til we could finally eat some of them. We learned to chop wood, to get in tune with the seasons, to prepare the wood stove and to make pizza so good we'll probably never be satisfied with restaurant pizza again ahahaha.

We learned a lot about permaculture and planting, about recycling human waste to be used as compost (which works beautifully!) and we met a few really good people who have become friends in a country we would not have foreseen we would ever travel to.

But now a new chapter is rapidly approaching and it feels exciting. Change is in the air as we have been invited to stay wth my brother for a while in a summer apartment in beautiful Montenegro. At the same time the owner of the little homestead we have been housesitting will return around the same time and so we feel it is time to clear up loose ends around the house and prepare for another road trip with our van, first one this year!

Part of me wants to just stay and "play it safe" and so we will NOT do that. Moving on whenever it feels like it is time to move on has always served us and so we will oblige this time yet again. No idea where we are gonna be past September. It is universe-free-flow time again and we will keep our eyes and ears open for what the universe has in store for us next, where we are supposed to go and whom we are supposed to meet.

We have been so blessed with life in this little valley here for the past year, in an era where life anywhere else seemed chaotic and outright ridiculous. We will forever cherish the memories of this place and we will always look back on it as the place that sheltered us in the craziest of times when all we needed and wanted to do was to work on our skills and our mission for the future.

The groundwork has been laid and it's apparent that we are ready to move on, meeting our next resonant spot to be at. I'm really looking forward to the time in Montenegro visiting family and working on some music. And I am sure once we have packed everything up and are hitting the road with the van we'll get right back into travel mode. The drive will only take two days or so but moving from a house into our tiny van with all our stuff will take some getting used to for sure.

I feel so blessed for this time here and want to thank life for this grand opportunity. I feel we have used the time to the best of our ability and are miles ahead to where we were one year ago. High five for progress on our path, excited to see where the universe will take us... <3 <3


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