Bouncing Back

See me with my hangers, shoes, and everything, during my first year in college at the Word Of Life Bible Institute (WOLBI) in New York. I'm Oatmeal, born 1985 in Oregon. A week after graduating from my FGHS high school on Tuesday, the 8th of June 2004, I flew in an airplane for the first time ever on my way to work on and at the Ranch Camp at WOLBI NY. In September, started college.

2004 WOLBI Hangers.jpg

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Here are my roommates, from left to right, the Asian guy, Ben, the older Mike Gossin, and that other guy. I'm forgetting his name but his dad had a loud boss voice. They were funny roomies to have.

2004 WOLBI Photos-01.jpg

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This girl has what might be a wedding ring. I was taking a photo of whatever was outside that plane window.

2004 WOLBI Photos-02.jpg

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One of the founders of my college was a guy named Jack, not to be confused with that man in front of Jack in this photo, Adam Wills.

2004 WOLBI Photos-03.jpg

My hand, my room, your world.

I scanned these photos with my Epson Perfection V550 Photo Scanner which I got from my mom. These photos were scanned at 1200 dpi. Steemit seems to currently be unable to upload photos, items, beyond 10 MB. When these pictures are saved in the PNG format, one photo can be around 40 to 120 MB in size, which has been too big as far as I know. So, I've uploaded these images in JPG, not PNG, which has resulted in problems on the edges, the borders, around the sides of the pictures. There is an overlap. A small line of some of the pixels on one vertical line, side, of the left side of the photos, are seen on the right side of the photos. I'm uploading these photos to the Internet even with these errors. This is my first photo since last Sunday. I've been spending the past 2 weeks fixing computer, printer, and Internet issues, problems. I've been learning a lot these past ten or more days now. I have lot to say but I will save some of that for future posts. My mom also wants me to feature daily Mommy Proverb Posts on top of Daily Oatmeal Bread Posts on top of everything else that I try to do. I'm watching Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. I'm reviewing Nintendo, Sega, Sony, Atari, and other video games, roms, files, on my computer.

2004 WOLBI Photos-04.jpg
2004 WOLBI Photos-05.jpg

Bouncing Back

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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2004 WOLBI Photos-07.jpg
2004 WOLBI Photos-08.jpg
2004 WOLBI Photos-09.jpg

2015-11-30 JA N Girl Hood 23Park CROPPED ABOUT ME FOR STEEMIT 2.pngBANNED MEME HITLER DOG 2018-07-10 TUE.pngFREE TOMMY 01 2018-07-10 TUE.png

2004 Llama Basketball STC Basketball Champions

2004 WOLBI Photos-10.jpg

Walking on the Schroon Lake

2004 WOLBI Photos-11.jpg

2004 WOLBI Photos-12.jpg

Latham Baptist Church

2004 WOLBI Photos-13.jpg

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2004 WOLBI Photos-14.jpg

Oatmeal with oatmeal & a Power Rangers poster which I bought at a garage sale in New York.

2004 WOLBI Photos-15.jpg
2004 WOLBI Photos-16.jpg

John Giddy Brown jumping on a trampoline.

2004 WOLBI Photos-17.jpg

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Children Ministry Team (CMT) 2004-2006

2004 WOLBI Photos-18.jpg

Joey & a guy in camp cabin.

2004 WOLBI Photos-19.jpg

Us roommates & our Resident Assistant (RA), Josh Ewing.

2004 WOLBI Photos-20.jpg

Sisters, Karen, Marilyn Morehead (formally); Rick & Joseph Arnold

2004 WOLBI Photos-21.jpg

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Karen, Jim Williams; Ricky, Joey Arnold.

2004 WOLBI Photos-22.jpg

2005 FGHS Student Body President

I used to play ball with him when I was a student.

2004 WOLBI Photos-23.jpg

Sarah & Friends

2004 WOLBI Photos-24.jpg

Adam Wills & Rabbit

2004 WOLBI Photos-25.jpg

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Kari Herinckx & Her College Friends at FGHS

2004 WOLBI Photos-26.jpg

Vanilla & Greek Goddess

2004 WOLBI Photos-27.jpg

Andrew Moroz Ukraine Family

They hosted me. They taught me family values.

2004 WOLBI Photos-28.jpg

Returning to Oregon

2004 WOLBI Photos-29.jpg

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