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In Star Trek Next Generation (STNG), the robot android Wall-E-like man, mister Data, didn't know what laughter was and nobody would tell him that laughter roots from life, joy, hope, and love, those four things, especially joy.

The meaning to life is found in the process, the journey towards living love and we find purpose, and laughter, as we head down that path towards that kind of destiny. The meaning to life is love and the meaning of love is life. That is the circle of life as mentioned in the Lion King of Disney. There are four things we all must do in life. First, we must wait but live life (LIFE). Second, we gotta listen but love life (JOY). Third, we must love but love love (HOPE). Fourth, we need to fight but live love (LOVE). We can find purpose as we give back and pay it forward to family, friends, and others. Sadly, welfare in America has encouraged women to become single mothers. Too often, women choose to have sex with the wrong men. In many cases, men are thrown in jail when they're not paying for child support. Men are expected to pay for the women when they're out on dates, even in a world of equality. Mothers are not even working as much as men. Women get time off when they're pregnant and when they're kids are sick. The meaning of life is in love, and love can be found in traditional families, in family values, in Christian values, traditional values, which have been historically passed on from generation to generation. We do better as a society when we get back to raising children with both parents. I'm from a broken family where my dad was off having affairs, was working seven days a week, and was always coming home drunk, was always yelling at my mom, and was always gambling away our money.

Society crumbles when morality declines. Men should be held accountable. And on the other hand, women should be held accountable as well. In many cases, men are forced to pay child support for children who are not their own. But the mothers will claim they're the father until the DNA test approves otherwise. And then when mothers do find the biological fathers of their kids, then the dads are then forced to pay child support even if the other men already paid. So in many cases, the single mothers double dip in the wallets of the fake fathers and the real fathers. The children then grow up feeling like all of that is normal which declines life, love, joy, hope, society as a whole. It affects everybody. Please encourage people to be more honest about things. Love your families more. Fathers can teach boys things that mothers may not be able to teach. More specifically, fathers are their to discipline and to instill maturity in the sons. Children learn how to grow up to date through and by watching the romantic relationships and interactions between their mommy and daddy. That is key to childhood. And we really do need biological female mothers and male fathers as opposed to lesbian or gay or transsexual or whatever else version of parents, of guardians, or whatever. We fall like the Roman Empire, like Babylon, like Persia, like Assyria, like Egypt, when there are two mothers in the house or two fathers in the house or just one father or one mother in the house. Parents are the examples children learn from. The root to our understandings of life, joy, hope, and love, clearly begins and starts and develops first and foremost at home though our and from our parents during our childhood for better and for worse. Eat more oatmeal and spread the love. Pass it on. Spread the links. Smile more. Thanks. Take care.

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