Success - Final Update on Proposal 148

Great Success

In December we came up with a plan to build and test a decentralized exchange, with no intermediary tokens, and distributed custodianship of intermediary funds. I'm happy to announce our success with the endeavor. Along the way we had asked for funding from the DHF which was unsuccessful. After collecting the names of the voters to thank them for their votes, I realized we had enough people between the two the didn't vote on the first one to have actually achieved funding. We were this close. If you name is below, thank you for your vote. If it doesn't have a ❣️ next to it I would appreciate you vote on proposal 152.

Just to reiterate. Anybody can come together with their community and build upon our open source software to run your own side chain and exchange.

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Proposal 152

Coding has begun on multi-signature control of community funds. This enables a better experience on the community DEX as well as allows community control of projects such as the HBD stabilization with much lower risk. Proposal 152 is only asking for $25,000 dollars over the next two months to realize this goal. I love to say we can do it with out funding... but I also would much rather have hive be able to brag about funding it's best projects.

Thank you for your support of our project. It means a great deal to us that a community can drive itself with out leaders.

@theycallmedan ❣️(voted for 152 as well THANK YOU!!)
@encrypt3dbr0k3r ❣️
@pharesim ❣️
@therealwolf (consider voting for 152)
@cryptobrewmaster ❣️
@fedesox ❣️
@acidyo ❣️
@ctime ❣️
@tarazkp ❣️
@eturnerx ❣️
@josephsavage ❣️
@penguinpablo ❣️
@taskmaster4450 ❣️
@arcange ❣️
@ubg ❣️
@enforcer48 ❣️
@oliverschmid ❣️
@ausbitbank ❣️
@shaka ❣️
@partitura ❣️
@fw206 ❣️
@enginewitty ❣️
@tobetada ❣️
@marki99 ❣️
@thebluewin ❣️
@bestbroplayer ❣️
@nickyhavey ❣️
@inertia ❣️
@preparedwombat ❣️
@brofund ❣️
@ats-david ❣️
@crimsonclad ❣️
@erikah ❣️
@city-of-dresden ❣️
@hallmann ❣️
@ocupation ❣️
@foxon ❣️
@primersion ❣️
@kenny-crane ❣️
@guiltyparties ❣️
@enjar ❣️
@dalz ❣️
@carsonroscoe ❣️
@imisstheoldkanye ❣️
@elgeko ❣️
@pastzam ❣️
@onthewayout ❣️
@bil.prag ❣️
@cadawg ❣️
@taskmaster4450le ❣️
@whatsup ❣️
@hivewatchers ❣️
@urun ❣️
@ua-promoter ❣️
@jelly13 ❣️
@deathwing ❣️
@shmoogleosukami ❣️
@flauwy ❣️
@stever82 ❣️
@vimukthi ❣️
@kendewitt ❣️
@antisocialist ❣️
@singhcapital ❣️
@unschool ❣️
@freebornsociety ❣️
@bluerobo ❣️
@michealb ❣️
@disregardfiat ❣️
@jeanpi1908 ❣️
@dlux-io ❣️
@klye ❣️
@fjcalduch ❣️
@fbslo ❣️
@roomservice ❣️
@bhattg ❣️
@chrisparis ❣️
@markegiles ❣️
@guruvaj ❣️
@hivetrending ❣️
@d-zero ❣️
@direwolf ❣️
@darkflame ❣️
@ykretz ❣️
@khan.dayyanz ❣️
@a1-shroom-spores ❣️
@zedikaredirect ❣️
@amphlux ❣️
@godlovermel25 ❣️
@jfang003 ❣️
@vxc ❣️
@solymi ❣️
@k9d ❣️