!DHEDGE Comment Command and Change For Round Based Upvotes

So !DHEDGE is currently in testing, and anyone with over 100 DHEDGE at last daily snapshot can use it at least once. Replying !DHEDGE to any main post will call in our token curation accounts and upvote that post based on the tags they used. It will then reply to the main post with a summary.

Screenshot from 2023-06-20 20-20-15.png

I've removed our token accounts from round based upvotes, so someone (or yourself) will need to use the command on your post to get upvotes from these accounts. However voting from @dhedge and our delegated HIVE power will still be used for round based upvoting.

It still isn't 100% complete, I need to adjust it so each account's upvote weight is set based on current vote mana. I also want to adjust it so dhedge users receive a higher upvote than non-dhedge users.

I'm trying things out at a requirement of 100 DHEDGE held per vote call, per day and a cap of 25. However these numbers will likely change.

So Remember:

  • Works by replying to main posts only, won't currently upvote comments.
  • Needs at least 100 DHEDGE to use it.
  • Only votes with curation accounts that proper tags are used for.
  • Can call on own post.
  • @dhedge and it's HIVE delegations still votes just like it used to.
  • Visit https://app.dhedge.cc and delegate to our token pools, it's the best way to earn DHEDGE.

    DHEDGE is finally coming along nicely, it's vision has changed from it's initial minting, but things seem to be moving in the right direction. Dividends have been going out for many many moons, swap is finally here for everyone, not just those in discord back rooms, our hive power is split up in rounds between our holders through upvotes, and now we can all curate using !DHEDGE with our token accounts.

    So let's get those delegations up, more delegations = more DHEDGE value.
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