What have we done?

First of all, I think you are all fine during this pandemic time. I hope to write a summary (I wish this might be a summary) about what we have done in the last couple of weeks.

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01. @HIVEUPME Curation Project With VAULT Token

Here we introduced a mechanism called as Burn-To-Vote. Simply you can burn VAULT Tokens to receive a 20% Profitable Upvote via the @HIVEUPME curation project.
More details :- Click Here
We tried to build a mechanism to bring more profit for @HIVEUPME delegations. Due to this initiative delegators can earn 70% of burnt VAULT rewards in the form of Swap.Hive.
Click Here To Check The Swap.Hive Reward Log

02. WINE Token - @WINE.BOT Re-Scripted & Launched

WINE Token is the 1st token project that binds with Initial Token Offering (ITO) process. But it was paused due to script issues, etc. A few days back we powered up @WINE.BOT and now you can call (!wine, $wine, !WINE, $WINE) at the post comment section to summon the bot.
At this stage, we share rewards to your liquidity balance. Later we change this to stake wallet.
Click Here To Read More About WINE Token.

03. Developed A New Script For @HIVEUPME Curation Trails

If you use Burn-To-Vote process, you might receive a lot of Free upvotes due to our latest Curation Trail Script. We hope to open-source this curation-trail script .


Every script is referring to @HIVEWATCHERS & @SPAMINATOR blacklists before proceed. Therefore, Blacklisters have no room here.


Hope to develop a Random Weight Vote module for @HIVEUPME delegations.

Stay Safe & Enjoy

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