Trying out decentraland SDK v5

I written a 3D signage in decentraland during v4 SDK, but during that time there's no support on making it deployable to the web.

Few weeks ago, they released v5 with a lot of breaking change, one of it is that the "React" style of component based code are no longer working. Therefore, I spend this weekend to upgrade my code from v4 to v5, and here's the result.

Screenshot 2019-01-26 at 8.15.07 PM.png

Still need a bit of styling work, to make it look better, but it's good enough to share about it!

Current Feature

  • Get price of bitcoin from @coingecko (will add dynamic coin support next time)
  • Price are in real time (web socket connected)
  • Showing Green and Red color on the price when the price increases or decreases.

Live site at

Try it now:

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2 columns
1 column