Core development report #9: recurrent transfers + rc delegations

Hi everyone.

I've been a bit behind making those updates, I generally say what I'm doing in the dev meetings, but I figured I'd put it in written form as well.


Rc delegations

Rc delegations are almost done being adapted to hf24's codebase. I have hit a problem where I'm stuck due to the way hf24 treats some objects. But I think I'll get some help to be unblocked quite soon.

In any case it's not very urgent as hf25 is still quite far, so I can focus on other feature while this is waiting.

code and commits are there:

Recurrent transfers

I finished the first MVP version of recurrent transfers, it's a new operation that will be added to hard fork 25. It's an important building blocks to enable patreon-like uses case on hive.

I think hive is well suited to enable these kind of use cases leveraging our fast and feeless transactions. The issue is that right now in order to do it you'd have to give your active key to the dapp or have to come every month or so to authorize the transfer, none of those options are great in terms of security or user experience.

Enter the recurrent payment operation. Some of the details are still being ironed out but here's the gist of it:

You send a recurrent payment operation with who you want to send money to, how much and how often (minimum 24 hours). And then money will be sent from your account to the other account regularly until you cancel it.

So you can be like "I like this content creator, I'll give you 5 HBD every month".

The state of the implementation is where the feature works with bare minimum tests, it needs to be polished, @blocktrade's team did a code review already with some comments on various design choices. We are discussing some details.

If you want to see the code and said discussions:

future work:

I plan on working on recurrent transfers for a bit, then I'll probably do some optimization work or work on the changes for hard fork 25 depending how we split the work with @blocktrades

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them :)