HYBH? - A deep-dive of the new 'Have You Been Here?'-logo

Have you heard of Have You Been Here?

Some of you might have seen it, some of you might. Some of you might know it, some of you might not. Either way, that will be changed. Now!

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What is 'Have You Been Here?'?

'Have You Been Here?', or HYBH? for short, is a mobile application for travelers (and non travelers if you wish to share good places in your home area).

Haveyoubeenhere can save your travel memories, share your travel memories and help you discover new places! - @pinmapple

It is a sexy app which allows you to create waypoints (or check-ins, stops or however you want to call it). With these waypoints you're able to build a post and share it with the entire Hive and HYBH community through Hivesigner. Hive too? Yes! Because HYBH does them crossposting like swagger.

If you want to know more, please do check out https://haveyoubeenhere.com

Except for the kickass concept, what's so special about HYBH?

What's so special is that my flair is all over it! After SteemFest @lizanomadsoul and me remained connected (sending you luv) and she introduced me to HYBH after I continuously nagged her.

With that as a start, I wanted to take HYBH to a sexier level, starting with the logo. Something that looked not like a google images logo.


What do we want?! Color! When do we want it?! Now!

Say no to black-white. Say yes to color. Because color makes our world go happy. We want it vibrant, playful, bold!


Let's keep the map marker

It doesn't matter which direction you go, with waypoints and locations, this is kinda the way you want to go. And that is perfectly fine!

We want it dynamic

As dynamic as the weather, as dynamic as a kid who decided they do not want to wear a left shoe on an early Tuesday morning, as dynamic as your spontaneous decision to go to India instead of Malaysia. Because why not? We make up plans on the spot and follow through. Always a good idea? Maybe not, but it sure as hell delivers on new experiences. And that's what we do it for!

So what do we end up with?

With magic! With hills and clouds, with views and landscapes. With good vibes and excitement But all of it one logo.


And ofcourse, we keep it dynamic!


What do you think?

Let me know in the comments! And don't forget to see the logo in action in the app.


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My name is Shannon, I am a digital designer. Born and raised in Amsterdam, living in Berlin.
I write about travel, design, food, life and any thoughts I have!

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