The Color Purple- Present

Do you like purple? I have LOTS of purple pictures!

Inspired by Deranged Photography Contest A Passion for Purple.

Yesterday, I posted The Color Purple- Past which had pictures of purple that I had taken in the past. It was great to go through my pictures and find so many great purple pictures and compile them into a beautiful post.

Part of the reason Wes is doing this contest is "to encourage everyone to get out and shoot new pictures."

I wanted to get out there and shoot so I took pictures yesterday (October 3, 2018) at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona.

Prickly Pear Fruit, which can be made into jam, jelly, sorbet, wine and even Prickly Pear Candy!

I am a member of the Desert Botanical Garden and on Wednesday mornings they open an hour early for members so I was able to go before work.

The timing was excellent as we had just had a rain storm so it was overcast and cool.

I wasn't sure what kinds of purple I would find in the garden... there is so much! It was so fun. Like a scavenger hunt for purple.

There are so many shades and varieties of purple flowers, even in October!

I want go back and do this in the spring.

Thanks Wes for the contest and encouraging us to get out and shoot!

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The Color Purple- Past
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