Sponsor report for 15.02.2021-21.02.2021 APR - 14.322%

About us

We are supporting Ukrainian community by curation. Sponsors get 90% of total weekly curation amount, including curation from own 11650 HP.


  • Total investors: 26
  • Total curation for previous week (90%): 504.579 HIVE
  • ROI - 14.322%
  • 2.754 HIVE per 1000 HP delegated weekly
@allaradzievskaya204.06 HP0.562 HIVE
@chazashleyua204.20 HP0.562 HIVE
@dfen659.09 HP1.815 HIVE
@dolov408.41 HP1.125 HIVE
@drorion167449.35 HP461.206 HIVE
@expertua51.03 HP0.141 HIVE
@gamefiles6305.29 HP17.367 HIVE
@inna-yatsuk77.74 HP0.214 HIVE
@kobusu1061.00 HP2.922 HIVE
@ksena204.21 HP0.562 HIVE
@lyubo192700.24 HP7.437 HIVE
@makszafon204.34 HP0.563 HIVE
@master-ok2.16 HP0.006 HIVE
@naturelife206.97 HP0.570 HIVE
@nazavzhdy713.87 HP1.966 HIVE
@polyideic202.99 HP0.559 HIVE
@scrodinger910.02 HP2.506 HIVE
@serafym51.03 HP0.141 HIVE
@shenan201.75 HP0.556 HIVE
@splinterlands-ru201.75 HP0.556 HIVE
@stranger27207.07 HP0.570 HIVE
@upekarova336.05 HP0.926 HIVE
@vabadaba395.00 HP1.088 HIVE
@vision-of-esca10.12 HP0.028 HIVE
@wal.life218.71 HP0.602 HIVE
@whisky210.19 HP0.028 HIVE

Excluding dlease.com delegations and curation program users.

2% Partner program payouts

Invited BySponsorDelegationPayout
@rollie1212@alinalazareva202.09 HP0.011 HIVE
@teamukraine@allaradzievskaya204.06 HP0.011 HIVE
@teamukraine@dubishin201.68 HP0.011 HIVE
@teamukraine@ok-top203.76 HP0.011 HIVE
@rollie1212@splinterlands-ru201.75 HP0.011 HIVE

Delegate to our curation bot to support Ukrainian Hive community and receive high payouts

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