Post-Fork Delegation Changes

A few months ago, I decided to delegate Hive Power to @curangel, both to support content creators and to earn a return on the curation reward payout they offer. A while later, I also delegated to @ecency in order to compare their delegation process and returns for support.


At first, it seemed Ecency offered much greater returns on investment (ROI). Despite a lower overall stake in Hive Power, they seemed better at gaming the delegation code. I waited to see what would happen after everything settled out with Hard Fork 25 and the reward curve adjustments. It now appears returns are fairly proportionate to their relative HP stakes, meaning Curangel offers more bang for your buck in delegation. Of course, either may change their methodology, and this is early on in the new HF25 ecosystem.

Is return on investment your primary goal, though?

Both Ecency and Curangel have brought their support and trails of voters to my content. It appears Curangel offers better support to content creators in diverse communities and finds more new users to promote. Ecency is not without merit, however. While they seem more focused on their own portal and community members, by no means do they keep their support exclusive to that group, and they actively promote onboarding new users.

If you have Hive Power to spare, and want to earn a passive return on your stake, consider delegating to either of these organizations. Take a look at what they do, who they support, and how they operate. If a ROI doesn't interest you, consider supporting @curie as well, because they also promote good content creators and search out interesting topics. Feel free to mention any organizations I have overlooked in the comments below!

I am updating my own delegations as I write this post, but like my witness votes, I don't expect my readers to take this as any kind of definitive endorsement they should follow. I honestly don't really know what I am doing despite having been on the chain for several years now, and am always open to suggestions and corrections offered in good faith.

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Comments are always welcome! If you're not on Hive yet, I invite you to join through PeakD. If you use my referral link, I'll even delegate some Hive Power to help you get started. I am not affiliated with Ecency, but if you prefer their portal, you can find it here.

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